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The Best Gerber Bottles For Babies

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Gerber baby photo contest
One of the things that mothers need in choosing the right baby bottles for their babies is a guide from the leading makers of baby bottles - Gerber. Gerber bottles has become of the products of the company that is trusted by mothers today. There are different styles of baby bottles form Gerber that is in demand in the market today. One is the Fashion Tints and the other is the NUK Orthodontic Wide Neck baby bottles. These two baby bottles are really convenient for growing babies. Let us talk about the features of each bottle.

The Fashion Tints are the same to the standard baby bottle. It can hold 5 to 9 ounces of milk. It can be bought individually or in packs of three. This shatter proof, dishwasher and sterilizer safe. Among the Gerber bottles, this type of bottle has holes and ribs so that nipple collapse will be prevented while the baby is drinking. Aside from being the standard bottle a new feature is added to it - the gentle flow. This is designed to prevent colic.

The second bottle manufactured by Gerber is the NUK Orthodontic Wide Neck. This is the best alternate for mothers who are breast feeding. This is particularly designed to stimulate the experience of breast feeding for the babies. The innovated design shapes the baby's mouth just like the mother's breast. They can feel as if they were fed from their mom's breasts. All the features lessen the difficulty in feeding the babies from bottle to breast or vice versa.

These two Gerber bottles are both anchored to give convenience, safety, and proper nutrition for the babies. They are provided with a bottle that will give them proper and fit drinking that reinforces the exact position of the baby's tongue. These bottles help babies to develop their oral development naturally. It also aids in the formation of their healthy teeth.

All the feeding bottles produced by Gerber are exceptionally best and are appropriate for them. The company sees to it that they are providing mothers the best option for their babies. When it comes to your baby's nursing needs, there is only one company that will give the best option - Gerber.

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Tips on the Best Use For Gerber Baby Food Containers

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Gerber babyPicture this: You are feeding your baby from one the scores of Gerber's plastic baby food containers, and you glance, rather carelessly, at the bottom of the tub. And, to your utter horror and dismay, the number that greets you is, hold your breath, seven.
Now, wasn't there a hue and cry about seven being associated with a host of insidious repercussions? If you are completely flabbergasted that an iconic brand like Gerber can throw caution to the winds and can be utterly cavalier about the health of innocent babies, you have every reason to toss their containers in a dudgeon. Of course, that's if you decide to remain completely tone-deaf to the plethora of tips on the best use for Gerber baby food containers.
The Seven Saga
So what's this uproar about the plastic endorsed by Gerber? There's no doubt that the vague rubrics of BPA and the like are sure to bounce off people's consciousness. If this vexed subject seems as complicated as a narrative, here's a more lucid explanation.
If a plastic container is labeled with the number seven, it means that a combination of two kinds of plastics has been used. The containers manufactured by Gerber contain the #1 plastic, Polyethylene or PET on the inside, and # 6, Polystyrene, commonly known as PS, on the outside.
Now, where does that leave the headline hogging BPA? If you take time off to read beyond the hyperbolic headlines, you'll realize that #7 in the recycle symbol indicates the presence of bisphenol-A, referred to as BPA. Simply put, it's a noxious substance that's a constant presence in almost all polycarbonate plastics.
So even though the company has been crying itself hoarse about the total absence of BPA in all its plastic containers, the final decision rests with you.
Ultimate Test Of Creativity
If better sense has prevailed and you have decided not to take the brand's vehement denial too seriously, here are some simply sparkling alternate uses for Gerber's plastic baby food containers:
  • Cover them with some bright fabric, and use them as gift boxes.
  • Paint your imagination, both on the inside and out. You'll be surprised to see how they add to the infectious atmosphere of cheer during Christmas or Easter.
  • Plant seeds in them, and experience a sweet rush of self-worth when the flowers bloom.
  • Store homemade play dough in them, and let your imagination soar.
  • If you're a kindergarten teacher, you could use them to house glitter, beads, paints, paste, paper clips, wet wipes, band aids or antiseptic cream. Basically, just about anything under the sun.
Patio lights, homemade bath salts, kitchen spices... the list just goes on and on.

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Who Is the Face of the Gerber Baby?

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There was always a speculation about who the face of the Gerber baby is. Some people still think that it's Humprey Bogart, Elizabeth Taylor or Ernest Borgnine as an infant. Well, bad news for them because none of the above mentioned famous people's face appears on the Gerber baby food jars. But who is it then? Who is the mysterious little child?
The story goes back to the year 1928 when the Gerber Products Company - previously Fermont Canning Company owned and operated by Frank Daniel Gerber and his son Daniel Frank Gerber - started to produce Gerber baby food. They wanted to find baby face that would represent their company and organized a contest in the same year.
As expected they received hundreds of painting, drawings and sketches. Surprise, surprise - back then they didn't have digital cameras. The winner was Dorothy Hope Smith from New England who sent in an unfinished charcoal drawing - or better said a sketch of a baby who had messy hair, big blue eyes and round lips. She said to the judges that if her sketch wins the competition she will finish it professionally. There was no need for that because the judges liked it as it was. It was exactly they have been looking for; a healthy and gorgeous baby face.
And who was the baby? Well, her name is Ann Turner (Cook) and she was a five-month-old baby back then. She is the world's best known baby because in a very short time - about in 60 days - the Gerber baby symbol had achieved national recognition; bit later international as well. Since 1928 her face appeared on every single Gerber product and in advertisement and in 1931 it became of the company's official trademark.
By the way she is a retired English teacher and lives in Florida. She raised four kids and became a mystery novelist. Her books include Trace Their Shadows, Shadow over Cedar Key and Homosassa Shadows. She received a one-time cash settlement from the company ($5000) in 1951 and Dorothy Hope Smith got $300 for the rights to her drawing but neither of them were paid royalties of the famous image.
So this is the story of the Gerber baby face!

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